About the Staff – Fall

Fall Weekend Staff – 2016


Joyride promoWe’ll catch a lift with Joyride, known for tight ensemble work, skilled play, fun energy, and inventively arranged tune sets. George Penk’s propulsive, soaring fiddle is joined by Erik Weberg’s deft flute, harmonica, & bombarde atop the agile rhythms of Sue Songer’s heartbeat piano and Jeff Kerssen-Griep’s muscular guitar and percussion. Joyride plays new and old fiddle tunes from New England, the British Isles, Appalachia, French Canada and right here at home.

Dog Paw

DogPawAfter clearing the table but before pie and coffee, Dog Paw appears nightly at their home in Spokane. Sally Jablonsky is a bilingual fiddler, playing both southern and northern tunes. A top drawer old time fiddler, she also plays jigs! Her dad, Eugene Jablonsky, gets around. Spokane’s go-to bassist, he plays all kinds of music on bass and guitar—jazz, salsa, western swing, tango, classical, Broadway shows, Celtic, klezmer. Liz Dreisbach, clarinet, tin whistle, recorder and banjo-uke, cut her teeth playing English country dance music, contras and all kinds of couple dance music. This naturally progressed to an obsession with klezmer music and Celtic music. Together, Eugene and Liz have appeared on A Prairie Home Companion playing klezmer music with the Kosher Red Hots.

Susan Petrick

Susan PetrickSusan Petrick grew up in New England, and has been enjoying contra and square dancing for many years. Her dance enthusiasms also include couple dancing and Scottish and English Country dancing. Susan started teaching and calling for contra dances in 2000. She also teaches couple dances, including waltz, cross-step waltz, and hambo. When she is not touring throughout the country calling for dance weekends and festivals, Susan lives in Redwood City, CA, and is a cognitive psychologist who manages a group of user experience researchers at Google.

Susan Dankovich

Susan DankovichReady to dance anywhere at any time with everyone, Susan Dankovich teaches swing, waltz, Cajun, clogging, contra and a huge variety of folk and cultural dances. While teaching smoothness and clarity of motion, her main focus is on enjoyment and partners working together. Participants are encouraged to share moves and techniques with each other. This weekend Susan will be leading hambo and waltz workshops.