About the Staff – Fall

Fall Weekend Staff – 2017

The Stringrays

Rodney Miller, fiddle, plus Max Newman, guitar, plus Stuart Kenney, bass and banjo, equal The Stringrays. Their sound is playful and sublime, raucous and tender, modern and old-school. These three players are exponents of traditional fiddle tunes old and new. They find constant inspiration in each other for lyrical improvising and interplay. Their music is fresh, surprising, nuanced, and made for dancing.

Floating Crowbar

Don Thomsen, James Hunter, Rick Rubin and Morgan Andersen are Floating Crowbar, Spokane’s favorite traditional Irish band. With uillean pipes, flute, whistle, banjo and mandolin, as well as fiddle and guitar, Floating Crowbar plays a high-energy mix of Irish instrumental music and songs drawn from traditional and contemporary sources. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and musical interests, their passion for Irish music, good humor, mutual respect, and friendship make for inspired dancing and captivating concerts.

Lisa Greenleaf

Lisa calls regularly in the Boston and New England areas and has been a staff member at dance camps and festivals throughout the country and Europe. Her specialties include traditional and contemporary contras, fun squares, challenging dances of all shapes and sizes, and callers’ training. Lisa likes to emphasize community and communication in her workshops, guiding participants to get the most out of their dancing experience. Her sense of humor is infectious both on and off the dance floor, and she really loves being at dance camp!

Sam Keator

Sam teaches Irish dance of all kinds, leads ceilidhs, and organizes concerts and sessions in the Portland area. Twenty years ago, hoping to reduce stress, he decided to dance a jig. He found his way to an Irish dance in Portland and hasn’t looked back. Endless dancing, serious study of Irish dance, and nine years as the president of the All-Ireland Cultural Society of Oregon followed. Sam is passionate about Irish dance, loves to teach, and loves contra dancers; he has a huge collection of jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, and some Ulster waltzes for our delectation this weekend.