Fall Weekend Registration

Fall Weekend 2017 Registration

Registration will open May 1st for Lady of the Lake Fall Weekend, held October 6-8, 2017 on scenic Coeur D’Alene Lake.  We have a great staff lined up for what promises to be an outstanding weekend!

Enrollment is on a first come, first served basis, so to ensure a place, plan to get started with Step 1, the online pre-registration form below (available when registration opens).

Lady of the Lake - Fall Weekend

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If you fail to progress to the Payment Information and Final Instructions section after you click Next, please review your camper information above. You likely have an error that is preventing you from proceeding.

Final Instructions

Payment and Finishing Up

Please select the number of people and rate for payment. The price is $210 per camper.
This is the place for you to pass on any specific concerns, questions, or information that you do not feel was effectively covered in the registration form, as well as any required info for Scholarships, or tidbits of wisdom for the registrar.

  1. Before clicking Submit below, you might want to review all of the information you have provided. Make any corrections needed.
  2. Once you click Submit, there will be a slight delay. Your pre-registration data will be formatted and a confirmation page appears that indicates your pre-registration submission was successful. Please wait for the confirmation page, which completes Step 1.
  3. You will receive an email with the information you entered and instructions for Step 2. Please follow the instructions in this email for mailing in your deposit or full payment, and please do so without delay.
  4. We can only consider you registered when we receive your check.
    You will receive another email for confirmation that the camp registrar has received your check and that you are registered.